On Demand Conference & Expo

The recent On Demand conference and expo 2010 had presented a great combination of printing and fulfillment equipment on one side, and software on the other site. It was also an excellent match with the AIIM expo right next door. We got to see, the amazing technologies brought by the Xerox and Kodak, competing for the color market.
Compart, producing a robust engine for document processing was present bringing on the American market Dope Compose for HTML/CSS and XSL-FO , which is formatting XML for production printing.
On the other side of the floor, another XSL-FO engine, RENDERX, presenting a new document designer, all developed in .NET, and priced very reasonable.
HP-Dialogue, which I feel to call it now ex-ex-stream, did not seem to shine too much, apparently being eclipsed by GMC software, with remarkable results on the page composition territory, covering direct marketing as well as transaction communications.
Overall, an A+ experience! Looking forward for 2011 editiion.

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